Ford Park Cemetery campaign, Plymouth

Chris Bollard and Linda Gilroy MP for Plymouth Sutton

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Pictured here on Sunday 23rd May 1999 are Chris Bollard and Linda Gilroy, MP for Plymouth Sutton. They are beside the graves of George Bollard (died 1917) and Emily Bollard (died 1936), not far from their home at 4, Gifford Terrace, Peverell.  This grave, and the graves of a quarter of a million citizens of Plymouth are under threat after the recent demise of the Plymouth, Devonport & Stonehouse Cemetery Company. Linda is campaigning to save the Cemetery from closure and possible re-development.

Linda Gilroy MP for Plymouth Sutton

Like many Plymouthians, Chris has deceased members of his family scattered throughout the city. His father, uncle, aunt  and maternal grandparents lie at Weston Mill cemetery. His paternal grandparents lie at Efford cemetery and here, at Ford Park cemetery lie his paternal great-grandparents. Other great-grandparents lie outside the city in the quiet churchyard of Yealmpton. One of these, Walter Leaman has a link to the person buried whose grave is shown next.

A grave of a victim of the Titanic disaster

A grave of a victim of the Titanic disaster - Henry Creese

Walter Leaman is Chris's great grandfather ( his father, Garth Dalmain Thomas Bollard was the son of George Bollard married to Ethel Amy Rose Leaman, daughter of Walter Leaman ). Walter was a director of the Cunard White Star lines and Plymouth agent. (The White Star Line owned the "Titanic"). His offices were at Millbay opposite the Continental Hotel and near the site of the present DSS buildings. He was at Millbay when the survivors and many of the bodies found after the sinking of the Titanic were brought ashore. One of those would have been Henry Creese.

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This photograph shows, in the centre, Thomas Bollard, his son, Garth "Tom" Bollard and another man, possibly a Hockridge.  Walter Leaman with his wife and spinster daughter, Dora are far right.  Until 1956 Dora lived alone at their home at "Allington" - a Victorian house next to the woods at Yealmpton. Family "legend" has it that Dora, who never had formal drivings lessons, would consult the Western National bus timetable to check that her route to Newton Ferrers would not mean meeting a bus coming the other way - since she couldn't reverse ! ( As a small boy I recall her driving along with the gears racing in 3rd ! -<Chris>)

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